About us

We are Luca and Farhoon, co-founders at International Heroes. We moved to the UK in 2016 from Italy and Pakistan and came together in late 2022 on a mission to help international students enter the UK job market, having experienced at first hand the challenges that come with being internationals. Luca is a former founder, VC and led recruitment as Chief of Staff at a FinTech company, growing the team 3x. As a former recruiter, Luca knows exactly what recruiters are looking to hear when hiring for graduates! Farhoon broke into the Big 4 after trying for 2+ years and began his career at KPMG in London. He then became a founding member at Raindrop, a London-based FinTech start-up, helping scale the company from £7M to £20M As international students, we fully empathise with your struggles as we were in your shoes not long ago! We know how it feels job hunting with your visa status working against you. We're here to help you land the job you deserve.